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2011 FNC Transportation Details
The tournament will continue to offer transportation services for teams that prefer to leave the GPS behind and have the locals chauffer them around. The tournament shuttle and supplement shuttle will operate on the following basis for the 2011 tournament.

Tournament Shuttles: The shuttle will run between all tournament sponsored hotels and all tournament venues. Shuttle service begins on the morning of Saturday, November 19th at 6:30 am with transfers from the hotels to the official tournament site until 6:00 pm. Sundays service will begin at 6:30 am and end at 4:00 pm after the tournament trophy presentation.

Supplemental Shuttle: A15 seater mini-van to be on call at the host tournament hotel during the tournament weekend. This vehicle will be operated by a 4 Tors driver and can be used by paid tournament patrons for shopping and extra-curricular activities within a 5 mile radius of the hotel. Below are the hours of operation for the supplemental shuttle:

Friday Nov, 18th, 2011 : 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Saturday Nov 19th, 2011 : 6:00 pm to 12:00 am
Sunday Nov. 20th, 2011 : 4:00 pm to 10:00 am

Package A: Use of Tournament & Supplemental shuttles only : $40 pp
Package B: return Airport transfers only (minimum of 8 passengers) : $30 pp
Package C: Use of Tournament & Supplemental shuttles + return Airport transfers : $65 pp

For transportation booking, please contact Allister at aroper@4tors.com

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