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2009 Florida Netball Classic Enrollment
As the 2009 Florida Netball Classic rapidly approaches, enrollment from the most unlikely sources are becoming very common for this years event. The committee would like to welcome our 1st official U-16 entrant from the British School of Houston, a satellite school located in the state of Texas. Under the guidance of former player Emma Storey, our latest additional will be spending 3 nights in Ft Lauderdale before making their way back to school on the Monday after the tournament. The team is currently in training and awaiting the selection process of its top players. In other developments, the Blazers United Netball Club out of Montego Bay, Jamaica has also confirmed their participation in the tournament, increasing our contingent of teams from the western region of the island. Also, the Rising Star Netball Club from the Grand Cayman islands has broken their 1 year hiatus and will be sending an open team with the possibility of a junior U-19 team joining their squad as well. Enquires continue to roll in from countries as far as Uganda and New Zealand, so we encourage teams that are interest in participating to complete their online registration forms and remit the necessary fees by September 18th in order to confirm your place in the tournament, We look forward to extending our hospitality to our newest friends.

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