банкротство понятие и процедуры
2009 Florida Netball Classic St Croix Outreach
банкротство понятие и процедуры
For one week the island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands was transformed into a netball Mecca as junior rookies from two high schools faced off in a game that marked the end of 4 weeks of summer netball training, organized by the St. Croix Netball Association.

The match between Elena Christian and Arthur Junior High Schools was the culmination of the After-school Junior High School Netball Program. The program was sponsored in part by, among others, the Department of Housing, Parks & Recreation and The Florida Netball Classic Outreach, which provided technical expertise in the form of coaching and umpiring information sessions, through Dr. E. M. Bayne, the Development Representative for the Florida Netball Association (FNA).

A second match was held between Jetsetters Netball Club and the Super Sonic Islanders Netball Club. Carol Atwell, President of St. Croix Netball Association, director of the after school program, organized this match in which she integrated some of the junior players into the mix to give them a feel for competition against more experienced players.

There is a second face-off between Elena and Arthur, which will be staged as a back-to-school event in the Fall. Hopefully this will act as a recruiting tool, says Atwell whose vision is that with each program, permanent in-ground poles, and a court will be left for the schools' use.

Dr. Bayne, who was unable to remain on the island for St. Thomas' visit on June 20, is excited about developing the South-East, which is the region of the USA Netball Association (USANA) to which both Florida and USVI belong.

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