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2008 Florida Netball Classic Results

Open Championship

Champions: Caricom Sports & Cultural Club Florida

2nd Place:University of the West Indies Jamaica

3rd Place: Sparklers - Sparkles Netball Club Florida

4th Place:University of Trinidad and Tobago

5th Place: Area-7 Jamaica

6th Place: Vee-Jays Canada

Plate Division

1st Place:Lauderhill Angels Florida

2nd Place: Dynamites Sparkles Netball Club Florida

3rd Place:Ministry of Health Jamaica

4th Place:All Stars Cayman

5th Place:7-Strikers Florida

6th Place:Heart Trust Jamaica

Under-19 Division

Champions:University of Trinidad & Tobago

2nd Place:Lauderhill Angels Florida*

3rd Place:Pacesetters Florida

4th Place:Mystic All Stars Florida

*Note: Highest ranking local junior team invited to play in the Plate Division


Winners:UTT Apple Bottoms

2nd Place:UTT Bottoms-Up

3rd Place:Caricom Sports & Cultural Club
4th Place:Ministry of Health

Uniform Parade: University of Trinidad & Tobago

Tournament MVP:Tasha Morgan Caricom Sports & Cultural Club

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