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Florida U-20 Rugby Report
First and foremost Coaches Bill Marts , Don Stramanak and Jeff Oxenrider all should be congratulated for a job well done. The team finished in second place. This is the third year that these gentlemen took it upon their own initiative to put a traveling squad together and compete against other upper level teams throughout the country. Because of their respective efforts the very first year drew attention to Florida Youth rugby. The result was some of our athletes were chosen to go to U.S.A. Rugby camps and several have now played for the U-17 ,18 and 19 U.S.A. Junior Eagles Teams respectively, playing both abroad and here in the United States.
Several of our teams have now had players recognized as stand out players and they include , Trojans , Brevard Red Eyes , Naples and now Weston. Those players that have been selected and played at the Junior Eagle level and or recently selected are Cameron Dolan ; Brandon Grey ; Brian Hussey ; Shane Young ; Wes Haughton ; Jamie Penca and recently invited to a camp Alex Tucci.
There have been several others that have been invited to camps to compete at the highest levels. In their ( Floridas ) inaugural year they placed last , the second year , fourth and this year placed second . Each year with major improvements noted by many.

The Coaches had several practices with the 26 player roster that traveled to Pittsburgh and they gelled as a unit and an observer may have thought that this team had played together as a unit all season long. They all worked well and in unison while they competed for top honors at the tournament. The coaches were able to move players in many positions and each athlete performed well and complimented and supported each other in each game.

South Florida soundly defeated Minnesota in the first game and served as a terrific beginning as that team defeated Florida one year ago in Baltimore. They went on to the second game and demonstrated good sound fundamentals against EPRU ( Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union ) and defeated them which brought the first day to a close with a 2 - 0 record. The second day of competition made it very clear that South Florida needed to win in order to play for a Title match. Florida was matched up against Met New York for the first match of the day which they won before going on to lose a close final to North Carolina.

Players from all the various teams that participated put in an outstanding effort. Those teams were from Trojan Rugby ; North East Nomads ; Weston Rugby ; Jupiter Rugby ; Tampa Bay Pelicans ; North Broward Prep and Naples Bears. Some of the other payers were from F.S.U. ; U.C.F.; Edison College , and F.G.C.U. .

An example of the impact that the tour had on both the players , coaches and fans can be summed up in a letter written by the President of the Delaware Rugby Foundation Jerry Humphrey to the organizer Kurt Mockenhaupt of the Potomac Rugby Foundation when he said A special nod, in my opinion , should go to both Florida and Carolina programs. The parental support shown as well as the concentration on solid rugby tradition by these two groups makes me want to do more. I was especially proud to see the Florida team line up to cheer for a fallen opponent on the main field . Florida displayed both class and great sportsmanship in spite of several obstacles. Each young man had terrific learning lessons and all of the young men showed mature attitudes throughout the tour. Florida Rugby can be proud of their teams !

The effort and experience that the Coaches displayed in their handling of all the details of a traveling side and the demeanor and the appreciation that the players responded with was a terrific example of the strides and gains for Florida Youth Rugby in our short four year history. Each player got to experience a higher level of rugby while others got a sense of what the game has to offer besides playing for their individual teams. The boys bonded and by the end of the tournament one would think that these young men have known each other their entire lives. Each gained a new love for the game and a respect for the athletes that play it. The venue that we played at was the same location that the U.S.A.Rugby held the High School Championships. It was held at the Pittsburgh Harlequins Founders Field. They were tremendous hosts and have awesome facilities. Additionally , our South Florida Select Side U- 20 team was also the first and probably the last Rugby team to ever play and practice on the Pittsburgh Steelers playing field in their home stadium. They also got to tour the facility and experience the players locker rooms as well as the private sky boxes and press rooms. They now know what it is like to play in a stadium that sits in excess of 63,000 fans. They got to run the field , which no other group ever has been privileged to do. The Coaches thank Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive tackle Chris Hoke for giving the Rugby team special access and privileges while visiting. The tour was a complete success and the players that traveled walk away with many terrific memories.

A special thanks to the following for thier support of our tour , Sunshine Supplemental Eductional Services ( Tutoring ) , Larry Fox U.S.A.Rugby Coach , Naples Hammerheads Mens Rugby Club ; Ft. Lauderdale Mens club ; Ft. Lauderdale Rugby Foundation ; U.S.A.Rugby South ; Florida Rugby Union ; Trojan Rugby Club ; Naples Bears Rugby Club ; ; Pittsburgh Harlequin Rugby Club and Parents of thier High School team ; Pittsburgh Steeler Football Team , specifically Chris Hoke . All the parents and family members that attended .

In closing , the coaches Bill Marts , Dave Stamanak , and Jeff Oxenrider deserve big Kudos from the entire state of Florida for their time , effort and energy !! Well done.

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