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Miami Columbus High School set to Travel to The Pacific Northwest in June of 2007 Miami Columbus High School set to Travel to The Pacific Northwest in June of 2007

The Christopher Columbus High School soccer team from Miami, Florida has announced plans to travel to the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 2007 for an eight day tour. The tour is being arranged by 4Tors Travel based in Miami, and will include 7 games. The "All the way to Tacoma" tour begins in Seattle on June 1st and ends in Tacoma on June 8th.

Miami Columbus is a well traveled program having traveled last summer to Iceland for a 5 day tour in which 2-1-2 against the top club teams in the country. This trip will prove to be even tougher.

"This is going to be a serious trip, a kind of soccer boot camp" said Head Coach Hart Baur. "We are playing some of the tops teams in this region and will be a good opportunity to get us ready for next season."

Columbus will play 7 games, in 7 days. A grueling task, but one that will force the team to develop.

"This is going be a great opportunity for the players to really do something memorable," said Assistant Coach Josh Kirk. "To travel as a team, train with some great coaches and then see what they will see is more than anyone can imagine."

The squad will also take in an Seattle Sounders professional game, as well as a Portland Timbers training session.

Miami Columbus has several top players including Lucas DiCroce, Juan Romero and Mario Mata all which will play at the Division 1 level after graduation. The team plays a very direct European style with a touch of Latin flair making them a fun team to watch.

Columbus will use the trip as a springboard for their 2007-08 campaign in which the team will return 17 of 23 players from the previous year. Columbus forward and co-captain, Lucas DiCroce, a First Team All Dade selection as a junior is excited about the prospect of playing in a different part of the country. "It will be a great test to play the teams out west. It is a different style of soccer, so to see how we play against them will be interesting."

Columbus arrives in Seattle the evening of June 1st and will play Snohomish United on June 2nd with a 2pm kick off. The team will take in the Seattle Sounders gam ethat evening.

The next two days Columbus will play the Evergreen 89 and Crossfire 89.

Complete Tour Schedule :


June 2nd : Snohomish United: 2 or 3 pm kick-off (Grass) Contact: Jamie Thilmony (425)876.2688

June 3rd : Evergreen 89 (Kasch Park) 7pm kick-off Contact: Ellen Hawks (360)652.5368

June 4th : Crossfire 89 (Marymoor Park) 5:30pm kick off (turf) Contact: Karen Whittier (425)894.3210

June 5th : Portland Eagles (U-18), 7pm kick off (turf) Contact: Ron Bateman (503)416.2352

June 6th : Portland Liverpool (U-16), 7pm kick-off (turf) Contact: Ron Bateman (503)416.2352

June 7th : Black Hills FC , 6pm kick off (grass) Matt Jones (360) 239-5469

June 8th : Washington Premier U-17, 7pm kick off Contact: Reece Olney (253)879.3586

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