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4 Tors is the New Logistic Operator for the Florida Netball Classic Miami, FL -The Florida Netball Association has contracted 4 Tors Inc., an established international tour operator, as the official logistics director for the 16th Annual Florida Netball Classics. Transformation is imminent from a new website, www.floridanetballclassic.com scheduled to launch April 15th to the Florida Netball Classics tournament date-change from its regular 3rd weekend in November to October 13th -14th, 2007.

Regarded as the female equivalent to soccer and a compliment to basketball, netball has proven to be a hit within the communities that participate; some 50 international teams converged in Florida in 2006. I foresee Florida as a hub for netball and international competition, states Edina Bayne, President for the Florida Netball Association, I see us playing a lead role. Her vision is to highlight the natural ambiance of Florida, encourage community participation and embrace the unique Caribbean style of playing the game.

Known as the leapers, Caribbean netballers play differently. We play very vertical as opposed to a lateral game, explains Bayne, herself a former world-class netballer, who was recently inducted by the Concordia Sports Hall of Fame for her basketball accomplishments. Her basketball skills were heavily influenced by netball, resulting in a very unorthodox style of play. The growing number of expatriates that reside in the state also adds to the attractiveness, as netball is a favorite in countries such as England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and throughout the Caribbean. In local markets, Bayne would like to see an increase in school and youth participation; if you want a different result, risks must be taken.

In efforts to revamp local interest and international appeal of netball in South Florida to its Commonwealth clientele, 4 Tors Inc is lending their expertise. 4 Tors can see where the game could go. We have the same vision to make Florida the largest competition in the North American Continent, says Bayne. An ambition not impossible for a well rounded tour firm, 4 Tors is expected to create a visible marketing campaign and attractive packages to the netball community. The 2007 tournament will have a more international flavor and a professional feel exhibiting the week long activities with details & special attractions. Events such as the one day beach netball bash held on the Friday before the tournament, the Miami Carnival Parade & complimentary tickets to carnival events are to add curiosity to the Classics.

Allister Roper, President and CEO, states, 4 Tors is focused on making Florida the #1 destination for netball. Based in Miami for over 12 years, this renowned international soccer tour operator has worked with both professional & amateur groups. The Florida Netball Classics is the beginning of the companys expansion into other sports. 4 Tors will now cater to Cricket, Rugby and Field Hockey, but with soccer still as our main focus, adds Roper.
Netball currently has a presence in 35 states throughout the country and that number is growing as more Americans are being exposed to the sport. Parent body, United States of American Netball Association (USANA) is responsible for this growth and continues to expose the sport to the North American market.
For more information, contact: Edina Bayne at 954.616.7210 or Allister Roper 305.651.8922 Website: www.4tors.com ; www.floridanetballclassic.com Email: aroper@4tors.com

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