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4 Tors adds new programs for 2007.
4 Tors is proud to present our newest tour additions to our portfolio which we are certain will raise a few eyebrows amoungst our clients.

With the 2010 World Cup set to grace the African continent for the first time in history, we at 4 Tors wanted to get a head start on African tours by introducing our well designed Soccer South Africa package. This tour can be done at any time of the year and features the best that South Africa has to offer with stops in Cape Town, a visit to the southern most point of the African peninsular where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean, stops in Kysna to visit the lake before traveling to Johanesburg for a special look at the Zulu, Xhosa and Pedi tribes. All this while playing competitive games against local African opponents who will welcome you into their hearts and homes making this a truly once in a lifetime experience. As the years go by we envision a combination of a wonderful soccer touring package for all teams complete with attendance at World Cup matches in 2010.

Our next addition goes deep in the South Pacific with specialzed programs to Australia. After the recent success of the Australian National team at the 2006 World Cup, the rest of the world has stood up and taken notice of this sports mad country. Our Australian tours offers the best of Sydney, Canberra and the Central Coast with optional stops at the Blue Mountains, the Opera House and the world famous Sydney Bridge. Games can be organised against any level of team for both men and women as there is no shortage of teams willing to test their wit against foreign opponents. This is certain to leave a lasting impression on all involved.

Our other additions are focused on our recently developed Pro Series Camps. We have been challenged for years to come up with a series of tours which is not only catered to the highly technical player but also for those who are determined to make there mark on the world stage. With this in mind, we thought the best way to improve as a players, is to take instructions from the best who have a proven track record with developing the likes of players such as Raul of Spain and Maldini of Italy. So with this in mind 4 Tors is proud to be able to offer training camp for players of all ages and levels at the famed youth academies of world football powers Real Madrid FC, AC Milan, Glasgow Celtic and Chelsea FC. Meet the players, get coached by their coaches and play games against selected opponents according to your level.

These new packages are just the tip of the iceberg as we plan to upgrade and continue to strive for excellent with new ground breaking tours each year. We invite you to follow the links below for a closer and more in depth look at the programs.

Yours Truly
Allister Roper

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